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Servicing our business partners with the best possible solutions is our mission. That's why we are developing the company with which we would like to cooperate. There are four simple values that help us doing so and also define and identify ourselves. They just say what we do and describe the way we perform our duties.


 Efficiency – Our aim is clear: find the right person as soon as possible. We deal in IT sector and look for for its specialists. Such limited profile results in our strictly professional approach to all projects as well as in speed and efficiency of our work. Difficult projects ? We like challenges.


 Experience – We are well acquainted with the market. With needs and requirements of employers and expectations of employees. We have acquired both knowledge and experience due to which we can find ideal candidates who have skills that are just looked for. We actively follow changes in the IT sector and focus on creativity and development.


 Confidence – We believe confidence within our team and our Clients, as well as the trust we experience from Clients, is the base of each success.


 Partnership – According to our conviction, an open and true exchange of information is a key to success of the company wishing to maintain positive and long-lasting relations with its business partners. To be good in our area, we really do not have to neither introduce or follow any complicated procedures.


Our past activities and professional experience was connected with the biggest technology centres of Poland - Wrocław, Poznań, Kraków, Silesia region, Gdańsk and the Warsaw district. Our team has successfully performed recruitment projects for best IT firms – both small ones and big international companies as well. We served customers of such sectors as:


Telecommunication, Mobile Devices, Banking, Engineering, Logistics, Marine, Tourism, Sale, Medicine, Games, ERP, CRM.


On request, we will present reference letters we have got from our partners.


Within projects we worked on up to date, there are, among others, the following ones:


Developer - C/C++, Java/JEE, Ruby, C#/.NET, Delphi, ABAP, PHP (junior, contributor, senior, expert, team led, supervisor, manager)

System Engineer, DevOps, Software Configuration Manager, Network Engineer

Project Manager

Linux Specialist



Solution Architect

Software Tester, QA Analyst

IPTV Specialist

Database Administrator, Database Engineer

System Administrator

Linux/Unix Administrator

IT Support, Help Desk (fluent in foreign languages; Spanish, Portugal, German, Swedish, Norwegian, Danish, Dutch)

2nd, 3rd Line Support Engineer



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