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Take a while and make sure it is a good idea to co-operate with us.


We believe satisfaction of both the Client and the Candidate is the superior goal of ours. We have had several opportunities to make sure a right person can positively influence the company's growth and a right position and place of work can change the life of an employee. Having this in mind, we are constantly looking for ideal solutions.


Remember: dotCommunity represents you too – not only a Client. Your needs, requirements and expectations concerning your new job are also important for us. We want to know them to be able to offer you the right solution and the best offer. We wish to show you to our Clients in the most suitable way. Your content of the process as well as of terms of work offered to you by an employer is a determinant of our success.


We appreciate your time - a before-process stage of recruitment procedure is as short as possible. We successfully escape from stiff, complicated and fanciful methods of recruitment; instead, we focus on the most important questions. And we are always at your disposal when you have questions or need explanation; we are ready to talk with you any time.


Honesty is extremely important for us – we do esteem you so we are always frank to you. You can be sure the offer of our Client will give you true and confirmed information. After an interview, you will be served with Employer's decision as soon as possible, in the form which will give you the most profits and which will not be false or varnished. In case of offers not enough clear or fixed, we will tell you it; we will not mislead you by making promise of anything we cannot guarantee.


When we decide to cooperate with a Client, we examine work conditions in order to find out it they are worth to be presented to Candidates. We will not work for a dishonest employer who does not respect his employees and does not keep his word. As soon as you are a partner of ours, you can be sure you are in good hands.


We posses the latest information related to the IT market. If you wish to be its receiver and want to be informed on time, we will pass it with you with pleasure.


We will be happy when you decide to trust us and start your co-operation with us.


Just fill in the form, give us your contact details and CV, and wait for an answer. You can also apply for a position you choose from among those you find on our website.


We are looking to hear from you !






1. .NET Developer
2. Android Developer
3. iOS Developer
4. Senior .NET Developer
5. Software Developer C++
6. Web Developer
7. Java Web Developer
8. Data Analyst
9. Customer Service Representative with French
10. C++ Developer
11. Analyst
12. IT Business Analyst
13. Software Engineer .NET
14. Rekruter
15. Data Analyst

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