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Our team is of the highest priority to us; we look for people who are enterprising, creative and open to others. If you value the opportunity to work with other people and want your ideas to be appreciated, if you like to look for innovative and unconventional solutions and want to have real influence on the company's expansion, if you are not afraid of taking responsibility for your actions, do talk to us. If you see no point in doing meaningless work just to fulfill KPI or an activity report, join us. We look for people who do not fear of taking control and who are goal-oriented. If you feel underrated and think that your salary is not relevant to your work, talk to us. Phone, arrange a meeting, come for a coffee and surely you will want to stay with us...


We work hard, motivate each other and want to do this, and above all we believe it makes sense.


Think it over and let us know if you are ready... See you!

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