Why Us?

All our experience is connected to the IT sector: our contacts, contacts of our contacts, communication networks are all related to the IT branch. Apart from high specialization, the most important issue for us is an individual approach to every goal. In our opinion, there are no two identical projects. We attempt to get know and then meet the needs of our Clients and of our Candidates in order to match them perfectly. All of us have always wanted the Clients and Candidates to recommend us to each other. Trust which was put into us many times is the best evidence of our well-done work; further, it is the most motivating factor as well. Owing to the experience accumulated on numerous projects we have executed so far, on contacts made and relationships formed, we are able to reach people who are inaccessible for others. In addition to direct recruitment processes, we offer our Clients a number of market facts, both official and those of backstage character. Simultaneously, we are always particular about our Clients being aware that when they choose to cooperate with us, they can trust us fully and rely on the discretion of our actions. Our people have always striven to be perceived as consultants rather, not recruiters. Only in that way - by making our relationships more humane and open and by offering straightforward and direct communication - we are able to meet expectations of both sides.


How we work


We do not restrict ourselves to posting advertisements, searching through databases and contacting Candidates via popular social networks - this could be done by anyone.

 We actively participate in branch events related to particular technologies

 We monitor the market and respond quickly to any piece of information that influence the employees' migration

 We search for Candidates in professional groups which are suitable for their technologies

 We conduct highly focused direct search

 We rely on references given by our contacts believing it to be one of the most effective sources of information.

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